4K Gaming Monitors – Types And Benefits

4K gaming monitors are absolutely worth the hype. They offer many stunning benefits that make them the next-gen ultra-modern gaming monitors for a dynamic and color-rich, visually stunning gaming experience. The best benefits that make them better than normal TV monitors are given below.

  • A gaming monitor has a smaller viewing distance so that the videos can run without pixelating
  • The response time, refresh rate, and the pixel density of 4K gaming monitors are high
  • They support fast-speed HD games with high dynamic contrast ratio for ultra clarity
  • They are mostly blessed with AMD graphics card so that videos do not lag or pixelate while playing
  • Their aspect ratio and contrast ratio are both very high

The best ones that you can rely upon are given below.

  1. 27″ 4K Flat Screen Gaming Monitor With Aluminum Bezel Body

This 4K gaming monitor can be purchased at PrimeCables.ca at best prices. Undoubtedly fast and strong, this one has a high refresh rate of 60 Hz. Such a high refresh rate ensures that high-speed games do not hang. Also, the AMD graphics card is yet another reason that games in this monitor do not hang. Some of the best attributes that make this monitor so special are listed below.

  • It has a refreshing time of 2 ms
  • It has 8.3 million pixels to allow a seamless run of games in perfect brightness
  • It has a high resolution of 3480 X 2160P and its brightness is 250 typ
  • It offers a dynamic viewing angle of 178° and boasts high contrast ratio of 1000:1
  1. 32″ 4K Ultra Slim Desktop Monitor

Beter than most, the refresh rate of this 4k monitor is 60 Hz. Other features that are worthy of a mention are given below.

  • High display resolution of 3840×2160
  • AMD FreeSync technology to support AMD graphics card for augmented clarity and continuity during high-speed racing games
  • Beautiful matte finish IPS display screen capable of color reproduction in order to provide better color variation
  • Better dynamic contrast ratio of 500000:1 that improves clarity
  1. CrystalPro 28″ 4K Monitor Monoprice®

This professional quality 4K gaming monitor has a super fast response time of 1 ms and ultra high refresh rate @60 Hz. Nonetheless, it offers super swift navigation during and between high-speed games. Other interesting features that make gaming a blissful experience on this monitor include;

  • A high resolution of 3840x2160P
  • 160° vertical viewing angle
  • 170° Horizontal viewing angle
  • Has 5 video input ports – 2 DisplayPort connections, 2 HDMI®/MHL™ ports, and 1 Dual-Link DVI-D port


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