A modern way of Communication with the world

The world is fully digitalized because of the improvement in the communication facilities. Everyone in the world can communicate with others easily. Introduction of smartphones and ordinary mobile phones plays a major role in communication. The many video conferencing devices are also much helpful for the webinar and other activities. Thus everything became handy nowadays.

The eztalk is the video conferencing system via cloud. Through this system, it is easy for many institutions, organization and other departments to communicate with the audience. The eztalks provide the great platform where the thousands of people can communicate with each other at a time and it also includes 100 other devices to join the line. Using this eztalks, people can make

  • Video conferencing
  • Video Webinar
  • Telecommuting
  • Online Education
  • Telemedicine
  • Technical support

In order to make the people keep in touch with their colleagues to complete any task in the business or IT companies, they use the eztalk system. Thus both video conferencing and the webinar became easy with the help of this system.

Important features of  eztalk software

  • It provides HD video and audio quality during conference time.
  • With the help of the screen sharing software, it is possible to share the display with others.
  • It has a whiteboard feature that helps with online teaching and other presentation works.
  • When people have missed the meeting, conference, etc. they can simply recall the video or audio recorded in the cloud.
  • At the time of video conferencing, people can simply have the group and private chat with the customers or the audience on the other end.
  • This software once installed in the mobile device it is easy to participate in the video conference with high quality of audio and video.

Connect with Video conferencing using audio call

This eztalk software not only provides the video conferencing it also provides the audio conferencing among the people. This kind of worldwide communication is very much helpful for education, business and various purposes. When there is an urgent video conferencing meeting people can simply participate in it with the help of normal mobile phones as an audio participant. This kind of dual conferencing is possible with this cloud-based system. There is no charge for the meeting and also no need to install any application. This helps almost all the people in the world to improve their business with an easy way of communication.

Simple way for video conferencing with the help of Meetmini device

Meetmini is the device provided by the eztalk company that has a built-in battery within it. This device consists of improved video and audio quality which is helpful for the webinar, team meetings and many other places. The 1080 pixel wide angle camera is very much useful to capture the image with high definition. The device is very much useful for home office video conferencing that provides clear sound clarity. The device can also be connected with a television or any other display device and conference room equipment with the help of HDMI cable. When the device is connected with the big television during the meetings everyone can see the picture with audio and video quality.

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