Advantages of tracking your SERP


If you are looking for efficient ways to improve your SEO and keen to enhance your marketing performance, you have reached the right place. Today, we will be talking about what is SERP, and how it proves to be advantageous in tracking your website’s rank on search engines. By the end of this, you should be able to gain a clear insight into how Search Results API works and why you should be doing it.

What is SERP and its features in brief

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) refers to results that are displayed in Google Search outside of or other than the conventional (also known as organic or traditional) search results. You can relate when you recall all those ‘blue links’ that you can see at the top, before organic results, when you search for a particular word or set of words. Developed by Google, the SERP feature is aimed to quench the actual ‘search intent’ of the person enquiring, without the need to click through other websites. SERP features have dramatically the way results are displayed. Thus, you definitely need to how SERP impacts keywords and eventually your online appearance. By using efficient Search Results API, you can actually build your space rapidly on the top of a search result page.

Benefits of SERP Tracking

  • Higher chances of being clicked: With the advent of SERP, audience can now see search results being displayed in a different way. Sometimes, it can even push the topmost ranked page to be seen ‘below’ the fold. That means even if your page is on number one theoretically, people might not even see it if other SERP-following results outrun your page. More people are expected to click on the paid result or ‘featured snippet’ one.
  • Overcome competition: Imagine yourself being featured at the top of a search page. Being a website owner, you must aim to win over your competitive counterparts by owning the topmost position in search display results. Making your website SERP friendly definitely gives you a competitive edge over others.
  • Gain informative data about actual search intent: If you really want to crack the page one mystery, SERP tracking can teach you valuable lessons about what actually search engine users are looking for. By using SERP Results API tracking features, you would get learning opportunities about how Google classifies its displayed content according to a keyword’s intent which might be commercial, local, and navigational or anything else. Based on this, you can guide your own content creation which will eventually help you rank higher and get higher conversion rates by striking the right chords with your target user’s intent.

With all these benefits in its bag and many more waiting to be unlocked by you, you should start SERP tracking soon to reach the top-ranked positions on Search engines. It will not only give a strong boost to your website ranking, you will also be able to track keyword rankings at both global as well as local levels, and you can even make searches more productive for your website over multiple devices. 

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