Benefits of Using OpenStack Architecture for Your Website

OpenStack Architecture is a cloud operating system that controls large masses of networking, storage and computing resources. These resources are located within a datacenter and each of these resources are provisioned through APIs with uniform verification mechanisms. Regarded as the cloud platform of the future, OpenStack is robust and has many user-friendly features. It is used by many small, medium and big companies like Yahoo and PayPal. There are several benefits of using this type of architecture for your website. Let’s read about them.

  1. Security

There is always this fear among business owners that their data might be stolen or compromised to hackers and others on an open source platform. Many enterprises have found OpenStack to be a secure platform and they have stayed on with it for several years precisely because of its secure nature. If you are running an Ecommerce website and have a lot of sensitive data, you should try out this modern open source computing platform called OpenStack.

There is always a team of security experts reviewing the security issues around OpenStack. This team, called Vulnerability Management Team is all the time finding and fixing bugs and other security issues in the OpenStack software.

  1. Open Source platform

An open source platform is one where developers and software entrepreneurs around the world can collaborate and come up with new products and solutions. OpenStack is one such open source platform, and you can find its source code at

Initially, you may not find all the requirements that you need on this platform. However, you can collaborate with other users on this open source cloud computing platform and come up with solutions. For example, if you are looking to make your VPS Hosting more secure, you may find answers to your solutions on OpenStack or create them through collaboration. The best part of using OpenStack is it comes free with no strings attached. You can use it for as many times as you like. There are absolutely no restrictions on the features that you use on OpenStack.

  1. Development Support

OpenStack has been receiving a lot of support from developers and organizations. You can see there is a lot of collaboration going on this platform among developers and other software experts. This support and collaboration makes OpenStack a thriving as well as resourceful platform. Several global software MNCs work closely with OpenStack such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, Dell, IBM, AT&T, Cisco, etc. As OpenStack gets more established among the international community of developers and corporates, it will become an even more valued resource for its users.

  1. Can manage different tasks

You will be surprised at what all this open source platform can accomplish. Open Stack is a dynamic platform and can perform various tasks for different users through these components:

  • Nova- computing
  • Neutron- networking
  • Mistral- workflow management
  • Sahara- for providing Hadoop clusters
  • Cinder-storage
  • Horizon- it helps you manage OpenStack through a dashboard
  • Zaqar- messaging on the cloud
  1. Ease of Access

Accessing OpenStack is very easy. You can gain access through Graphic User Interface or GUI, command line tools and RESTful APIs for programmers.


To conclude, if you are looking to making your development and web hosting experience even better, you could have a look at OpenStack, a new age open source platform. Many developers and corporates trust and support this platform for reasons of data security and ease of use.

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