Chinese New Year Gift: Things You Should Not Give Away in China

New Year in China is a big festival which is massively celebrated with activities and gift exchange, but there are things you shouldn’t give out in China as well as well as Chinese New Year gifts that are considerate. You can check out for inspiration.

  • Wall Clock – The Chinese word for clock sounds exactly like a final. And that means to them that one is desiring their end, their death.
  • Umbrella – means you do not want any relationship with them.

Tips for Receiving Gifts

One should receive the package with two hands; the same gesture used to receive and give business cards.

In the same way, you should not open a gift given to you, unless they insist.

Some Chinese may refuse a gift two or three times before accepting. Do not give up on the first try and only if the negation goes from the third with justification, save your package and leave it for the next one. Members of the government, especially from about 2 years to now, are prohibited from receiving expensive gifts, but something like a souvenir is no problem.

Symbolism and Taboos

Knives, scissors, and other sharp objects should not be given as they symbolize the breakdown of a relationship.

Also avoid wall clocks, or anything in sets of four, which is a random number because the sound is similar to the word death.

For Loved Ones

  • If you love someone, a belt is a significant gift. That means you want to keep the relationship forever.
  • Wristwatches and wallets are also good gifts. The dangerous gift clock is the wall clock.
  • Traditional gifts for westerners, like chocolate and roses, are becoming more common.
  • White chrysanthemums should never be present. They are used in burials. Avoid white flowers in general.
  • Giving an apple basket is well educated, because Apple in Mandarin is ‘ping guo,’ and has the sound similar to the word ‘peace’.

Everyone loves holiday’s right? This Chinese festival is a great place to hang out and relax, though if you’re a photographer, it’s a nice time to stock up your photo collection with adorable photos.

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