Choose the best Vape Juice

There has been a constant struggle in choosing the perfect e-juice. Finding the right e-juice is not only helpful for your living but also for other factors. Hence whenever proceeding to choose the e-juice, you should be really careful. Picking the right vape juice can get confusing, especially if you are new in the field. This is usually because you need to be aware of different factors, such as flavor and nicotine levels. 

Vaping industry is on the rise and is giving a tough competition to the general smoking and cigarette industry. Since it is one of the relatively growing industries, there are a lot of options available for the people. 

Hence, if you are proceeding to choose the best vaping juice, you need to be aware of the following factors 


Flavors play an important role in selecting the vape juice. Most of the people put a major focus on the vape juice flavor. It is usually the flavor that helps you determine whether you like the vape juice or not. Believe it or not, but vape juices are available in almost all flavours, ranging from the lighter ones to the harder ones. 

You can select flavors in e-juice that match your favorite cigarette brand. Well, there are fruit and cocktail flavors available too to meet the user requirements. You can either try milder flavors or bolder ones. 

Know what you want

Whenever you are choosing the vape juice, you should understand what your requirements are. Vape juice is usually made of vegetable glycerol, propylene glycol or the combination of two. Both of them has advantages and disadvantages. If you want to experience flavors, you should be choosing propylene glycerol, and if you want vapor, vegetable glycerol would be suitable. However, for people who want both, a ratio of 40:60 for VG and PG can be the best. A lot of customers prefer experimenting with their vape juice concentration. 


The nicotine level is yet another important factor to consider in vape juice. The best part about vape juices is that you get to choose how much nicotine level you want for your vape juice. If you prefer light, you can take lesser levels of nicotine and vice-versa. If you aren’t a regular smoker, you should be starting from the lighter level. Also, lesser nicotine levels can be helpful. 

Every vape juice is different. If you want to stock for yourself, you can prefer contacting PGVG labs e-liquid distributor. You will get the e-liquid in bulk amount and for a cheaper rate. 


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