Eight Useful Tips To Boost Your Wi-Fi At Home

Internet is a need these days as we are heavily dependent on technology. We cannot walk or talk without using the internet, and one needs a good Wi-Fi speed to sustain the usage and to run various activities using the internet. You want the most reliable Wi-Fi connection at home, so that you can browse at high speed, watch and download information in seconds without the speed falling and the connection slowing down. If you are looking forward to boosting your Wi-Fi, then you are going to need a few tips.

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Here are eight useful tips to help you boost your Wi-Fi connection-

  1. Update router – if your Wi-Fi router is running slow, it might not be the internet connection. Although some people might end up calling the internet service, the router needs an update. Here you have to update the firmware, and once that is done, the router will be helping with twice more speed than previously. This is one of the most important ways to get the router faster.
  2. Positioning matters – the positioning of the router matters, and that is the reason why it is not giving you as much speed as it is required. You must make sure that the router is placed in a particular position in the room where there is no blockage or barrier in front of it that can kill the flow of the connection. Many times, a router runs slowly because of wrong positioning, and this is what you are not able to see. You must check finely where you have placed your router.
  3. Height matters – if the Wi-Fi router is set too high then it will create issues, and the flow and the speed of the connection will be slow. For example, if you are on the second floor and the router is on the third, then it will not work. You must keep the router in the height that you can reach so that you can gain access to full speed internet because of the router.
  4. Keep the antennas intact- You have to make sure that the antennas of the router are intact as the connection is channelled through the antennas itself. The antennas by no chance can be broken so that there are issues with the flow of speed. One needs to place the router in a particular space where it is away from animals and kids. Higher quality router with antennas will provide smoother connection flow.
  5. Use another channel – The router might have many channels, and sometimes the default channel can have issues due to congestion. One has shifted to another channel when the current one is not working or function slower than usual. There can be leads that can overlap to signal interference, so you need to be careful regarding this. You must go to settings and change the channel.
  6. Frequency – When you see that the router that you are using is not function faster, it can also be due to the rate. Sometimes these routers are not able to channel higher frequencies of network and fail to deliver faster speeds from the connection. One of the problems that can slow down the Wi-Fi speed; therefore, you need to change the router for another one that has excellent capacity for frequency transmission.
  7. Replace an old router – When you have an old router you will undoubtedly experience slower speed it is also calling for a replacement. Replacing the old router with a new one can help you restore them, and you can finally have the required speed back. You can be assured about the performance of the original router after you have replaced it.
  8. Restart and configure the router – If you are getting a slower connection from the router, then you can restart the routers and configure the settings as well. Once you have restarted the entire router, you will be able to figure out how to why the speed has fallen and what you must do to boost the speed.

If you are looking forward to buying a router, then you must check with these points mentioned above because these can help you with your Wi-Fi speed. If you have a Wi-Fi at home and you are facing the issue because of it, then you have to refer to this article for the solutions.  Make the best of the information here and boost your Wi-Fi speed.

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