Enhance your development with Codeigniter Services

CodeIgniter is an open source software used for better development of web projects. It is used for interactive as well as dynamic websites through PHP. The framework offers it users with out of the box libraries which help in database connectivity. These libraries help in other things too. Some of the major functions which they render are file uploads, management of different sessions and sending mails. A major reason for the popularity of CodeIgniter is that it makes the complete development process simpler and quicker. There are several features of CodeIgniter which helps codeigniter development company USA in accomplishing your website development goals. Some of them are stated below:

  1. Small footprint: One of the major appealing specs of CodeIgniter which adds to its speed is that the complete source code framework is just 2MB. It simple means that you can easily master this program and use it effectively. It is simple to deploy and update CodeIgniter because of this spec.
  2. Highly fast speed: It is a renowned fact that everyone wants to use apps which have quick loading speed. And, if you have seen CodeIgniter frameworks before, then you would know that it works with lightning fast speed. With its help, you can download several other frameworks in just 50ms. It lowers your time which you may have to spend in framework optimization.
  3. Loose components: Another amazing spec of CodeIgniter is that the software works independently without relying on any other components. Hence, it is convenient to maintain.
  4. MVC architecture support: it uses the Model View Controller architectural design. It helps in separating the business logic, with presentation and data.
  5. Top notch documentation: The framework is documented perfectly well. So, anyone can easily access different books, tutorials and queries on forums and gets their issues resolved quickly.
  6. Built-in components offered: Another amazing spec of CodeIgniter which makes it popular is that it allows you to perform several features in it. For instances, it offers its users with components to send mails, manage session and database.
  7. Extendibility: One of the biggest benefits of CodeIgniter is that there are several libraries available to select from. But, if you don’t find what you need, then you can create your own libraries and packages too.

Because of these advantageous features of CodeIgniter, several software development company choose this framework for all types of website development. There isn’t any match for the speed you can get with CodeIgniter. But, you need to select the right software development company for this.

With the right software development company by your side, you can easily develop high quality website for you. Rockers Technology offers the best cakephp website development services and CodeIgniter website development services to its customers. They have the best experts in their team who can help you in every step of your project. So, all you need to do is approach them with your project details and get their professional and expert help at the best price possible.

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