How To Reset Your WordPress Site Using WP Reset?

How to Reset a WordPress site easily? This is a common question among WordPress users. A complete WordPress reset means you are resetting or just reverting it to its very beginning stage. If you are still not using WordPress, here is why Your Business Should Switch to WordPress.

A resetting will completely remove all details from the hosting. Normally there are 2 ways to reset any WordPress sites. One is resetting the site manually. You should be a WordPress expert and love to take any risk. If you are not a WordPress expert, we recommend you to use WordPress reset plugins like WP Reset.

Why WP Reset?

There are a lot of Plugins available to reset your WordPress site but we recommend WP Reset over other because Wp Reset will do the best WordPress reset without any errors. Here we go with some of the notable features of WP Reset.

  • WP Reset is free to use
  • It is compatible with almost all versions of WordPress
  • WP Reset is compatible with all themes and plugins
  • It perfectly cleans all posts and pages
  • WP Reset delete all comments from the website while resetting
  • It will not touch the website title and the address
  • There is no issue on your Search Engine Visibility Settings after the reset

How to Reset your WordPress site using WP Reset?

Now it’s time to learn to reset your site using WP reset. It is really simple. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, click Add New and search for WP Reset and install WP Reset – Best WordPress Reset Plugin By WebFactory Ltd.
  2. Activate the Plugin and go to tools and select WP Reset.
  3. Scroll down and Type reset in the confirmation field to confirm the reset and then click the “Reset WordPress” button.

Wait few seconds while WP Resets reset your blog. There is a post-reset actions option where you have the options like reactivate your current theme, reactivate WP Reset plugin, and reactivate all currently active plugins.

Resetting will not delete any media files as they remain in the wp-uploads folder. We recommend a complete before proceeding with WP Reset because no backups are made by WP Reset.

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