How to Update Your PS4 Safely?

You will be able to update the system software of PS4 utilizing the techniques explained below. To confirm that the update was completed efficiently, once the upgrade procedure is completed. If the variety of the system upgrade data is shown in the System Software area, this means that the upgrade succeeded.

Update Using the Web

  • Utilize your PS4 system’s network upgrade attribute to upgrade the system.
  • Update utilizing a computer system

This upgrade method can be utilized if your PS4 system is not attached to the download and install the update file to your system, and after that, wait on a USB storage gadget. Copy the saved documents to the system storage space of your PS4 system to upgrade the system.

  • Update making use of the web.
  • The complying with things is required to execute the upgrade
  • PlayStation 4 system
  • Internet connection, wireless, or wired.

On the USB storage space gadget, create folders for saving the upgrade documents. Utilizing a computer system, develop a folder called “PS4”. Inside that folder, produce one more folder called “UPDATE.”

Download the update data, as well as wait in the “UPDATE” folder you developed symphonious

Conserve the documents with the file name “PS4UPDATE.PUP”

Shut off the PS4’s power totally. Inspect the power sign is not on. If, for any reason, the indicator is on in orange, hold the power switch of the PS4 for a minimum of 7 seconds.

Connect the storage device of USB that the update documents is minimized to your PS4 system, and afterward touch the power button at the very least 7 seconds. The PS4 system begins in a secure mode.

Select, Update System Software, comply with the screens to complete the installment.

Keep in mind: If it shows error: “SU-41350-3 – Cannot locate the upgrade files,” it implies that your system renamed the PUPPY data as a result of many times downloads of this file.

Option: Inspect the download location on your PC or Mac, remove any previous versions. Ensure the present the data is named: PS4UPDATE.PUP.

If the PS4 system doesn’t recognize the upgrade documents, check that the folder names, as well as data-name, are proper. Go into the folder names, as well as the filename in single-byte personalities utilizing uppercase letters.

Click here to read more on resolving Error SU-41350-3 on PS4.

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