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Why should your business have a logo?

The answer is simple.  When you don’t have one, potential customers may wonder how trustworthy your business is.  They may think your company is too sketchy and choose to spend their money elsewhere. A professional looking design legitimizes your business, establishes your identity and builds trust between you and your potential customers.   

How can a logo distinguish a business from its competition?

You want to distinguish yourself from the competition with a visual presentation which differs from your competitors.  In selecting your unique artwork and font, you can create a powerful symbol for your enterprise. You can ensure that your icon is the most creative and memorable of all of your relevant competitors.  Using an online logo maker gives you so many options from which to select a bold design to propel your success.

What should a brand image do?

People process visual images in their memory.  You want people to remember your specific brand image and connect it to positive impressions about you, your company or your product.  An optimal design should by eye-catching and create interest in your company or product. 

Where can I place my design?

You have the flexibility to place it just about anywhere!  Put it on your website, in print ads, on t-shirts, pens, business cards, flyers, boxes, billboards, the sides of trucks and more.  Your design is part of your total advertising strategy. Consistency in using your brand is very important in conveying that your business is bona fide, organized and dependable.  

How can I test market images?

You can choose from several brand images and perform polls on social media such as Twitter and Facebook to see which one gets the most positive response.  You can also email it to family, friends, your employees, etc., to gather opinions before you decide to launch your design. When you use an online logo maker, be sure that the website allows you to save different designs before you make your final selection.  

Can a logo be used for a product?

Of course it can!  Think about Coke, Colgate, Hot Wheels, Kool-Aid, Visa, Oreo and more.  Think about how their brands are established worldwide by the designs selected decades ago.  An icon can be featured for a corporation along with individual brand designs for specific products which the corporation sells.  Most of the brands listed above are owned by corporations or shareholders, e.g., Mattel owns Hot Wheels, Nabisco owns Oreo, Kraft Foods owns Kool-Aid.   

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