Perfect Conversion for the Converter of Versions

You have bought a book in Epub format but you do not have an ebook and would like to open your book on your computer. When you double-click the file, as for your usual files, it does not work. So how?

There are many possibilities, we will limit myself here to explain two, which seem to me the simplest to implement, including for the novices in computer science.

First Solution

The converter is a free reading application. This solution is simple and fast. It manages Epub and Pdf formats. Just download the version for Mac or Windows, and then let yourself be guided.

Go to the Epub-sized digital book you want to open and right-click “open with” and choose “Adobe Digital Editions”.

Second Solution

This is the solution you can favor because the converter is for me one of the best ebook collection managers, and it is very easy to use. It is free and in English, which is nice. The converter manages a dozen file formats: Epub, Pdf, Kindle, etc.

  • Download the converter software for Windows or for Mac.

Then launch

  • The converter by double clicking on the icon appearing on your desktop. The software opens.
  • Click on “Add Books” in the top left of the converter, and select the Epub Ebook you want to read from your computer directory.
  • The Ebook then appears in the converter library, you just have to double-click on it to open it.

Here are two methods that will save you from tearing your hair when you want to open an Epub Ebook on your computer.

  • The ebook is like all its digital counterparts a file format as can be a Word file with its extension “.doc” or a PDF file with its extension “.pdf”.
  • The ebook file usually has two file formats namely the EPUB file and the MOBI file.
  • For the ePub ebook digital format in its vast majority its extension is “.epub”. So the ebook of a novel will be named “roman.epub”.

At Amazon it’s different. The ebook format is for the “.mobi” extension. For example, your novel in Amazon’s ebook format will be named “”. Amazon also uses the extensions “.kpf” or “.awz”.

But do not forget that an ebook is neither more nor less than a digital file. That is, the ability to read a book on a screen. So Word files, free office, PDF, epub, mobi and others are ebooks. You can surely use the epub to pdf  conversion.

And everyone reads ebooks. For the anecdote, think about the time you spend reading on a screen? If you sum up all these “pages” of reading, at the end of the day you will have read a “big” book in ebook format. And imagine now that instead of reading all this content on screen, these pages turn into a paper book, would you have the same desire or patience to read the same content on a paper book?

  • So no need to argue about “who reads ebooks” because everyone reads ebooks.
  • It is only a choice of “support” to read a “book” on paper or on a screen.

How to read an ebook

However, when we think “ebook” it is of course to speak of “book”. You can put these words in quotation marks, because a book is a content (a story, a novel) that reads in a container or a medium namely a format that is either paper or digital.

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