The Android Smartphone Anti-virus Free

Android free anti-virus for a lot better virus protection then reel.use complete protection for people Android smartphones. Newcomer Avast provides complete protection free of charge to everyone Android smartphones. One of the interesting features may be noted:

Virus protection instantly

Web Shield firewall

Filtering calls and SMS

Anti-thievery protection (locking and remote location, remote location, remote phone Erase)

Application Manager

Showing permission applications

Your opinion: We use daily Avast and then we didn’t notice any flaws. Battery consumption is contained and Avast is intrusive and customizable.


LookOut Mobile To protect Android is going to be two versions, a no cost version along with a premium version available by subscription for just two Dollars.99 / month or $ 29.99 / year.

Very little greedy in LookOut The very best android smart Mobile anti-virus Security sources should little personalize the autonomy in the phone or tablet. The choices of location and call remote ring are practical in everyday use, it’s not necessary to call to uncover her lost phone within the apartment!.

What are highlights of LookOut Mobile Security Anti-virus for Android:

Anti-virus, Anti Spy ware and malware, Anti adware and spyware and spyware and adware: Scan to download applications

Scan the telephone for infections

Backup and Restore phone data: Remote Backup

Location within the phone

Ring-tone remote phone

Audit and hang up of applying permissions (Premium Version)

Saving the choice log and photos (Premium Version)

Reset and delete phone remote data (Premium Version)

Remote phone locking

LookOut Mobile Security seems to a lot of us probably the most acceptable anti-virus for Android phones. LookOut Mobile Security uses very little machine sources so they won’t diminish the autonomy in the phone on Android. LookOut can also be created for WP7 and BlackBerry.


AVG has partnered with Android Security to provide AVG Anti-virus for Android. AVG proposes to be probably the most used anti-virus Android Market. Within our test, AVG Anti-virus is much more greedy than LookOut Security that will personalize the autonomy within the smartphone.

AVG Anti-virus for Android features:

Scan telephone, recognition and removal VirusScan Automatic (daily, weekly …)

Analysis of downloaded applications

Content analysis of Webpages

SMS received for analysis to acknowledge potential threats

The highlight of AVG Anti-virus for Android may be the analysis of SMS.

NetQin MOBILE To Protect ANDROID Anti-virus FREE

NetQin provides free anti-virus for Android smartphones. The functions accessible remotely delete data and telephone lock represent real plus using this application. We nylons not tested this application, please impart us with feedback within the comments.

NetQin Anti-virus for Android features:

Scan the telephone

Real-time protection against infections

Geolocation phone

Saving data

Remote locking via delivering an SMS

Deleting data remotely if stolen

BitDefender Mobile Security could be a free anti-virus for smartphones and comprehensive Android tablet. It provides many features:

Scan applications when installing lately discovered apps

Scan the telephone as needed

Audit permissions of installed applications

Event Manager

Enhanced to save battery and CPU

Automatic updating within the virus database

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