The Best Apps to Download on Your Smartphone as a Letting Agent

If you are a letting agent, it is likely that you understand the hurdles that come with your work. Luckily, technology has made everything easier for you and now you can easily download one or several apps to help you in accomplishing your mission. Some of these apps are useful in managing property inventories from anywhere and anytime using your smartphone. But choosing the right app can be a daunting task for you if you do not know where to start and which app to download. Visit Hive. Here are our top-pick apps that you can download and save on your handheld devices to make you efficient in your work:

Scanbot app comes in handy to keep track of your important documents. The app allows you to create high-quality PDF and JPEG copies of your documents at a blink of an eye. From property inventories to contracts and invoices to receipts, Scanbot app gives you a better platform to finish your work in a timeless manner.

The Landlord App
Basically, this app comes with a selection of features to help you manage your property effectively. Essentially, The Landlord App is an ideal tool that you can use to find new tenants, schedule utility bill payments and also help in making a follow up for the pending payments among other tasks. In fact, this app is highly recommended for property inventories and related services by a number of users.

Zillow gives you a reason to perform better in your job. First of all, this app gives you a multi-use platform
( complete with property search options to make your work easier. With its extra features (access to the “hidden” inventory, mortgage calculators, property estimates) and robust search filters, this platform provides you with an overview of the available properties and real estate market. Most of the listing on this app includes MLS numbers that help in facilitating your search. Most importantly, the app works well with Web, iOS and Android operating systems.

Google Maps
As a letting agent, Google Maps application is a must-have. The app has many uses that you can’t overlook. To begin with, Google Maps is such an indispensable tool necessary for guiding clients across the list of properties from one address to the next. Needless to say, the app is readily available for use on Android, Web, Windows and iOS operating system.

RentTracker is an essential application that makes rent payment effortless for your tenants. The app is easy to use whereby you only have to let your tents sign up for your convenience. This means that your tenants will pay their rent in a timely manner and in return, receive a receipt without much of a hassle on your side.

Final Verdict
Besides managing property your property, the apps listed above are essential in facilitating your work. What you need is to identify the best app from Google Play or Apple and download it on your smartphone. Visit Hive ( for more information on this topic.

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