The Forums Backlinking and The Results

Start by participating in the debates in a constructive and selfless way. Once you have been accepted by the community, include a link in your signature on the anchor of your choice.

This technique is not necessarily very sexy but is a first free draft of a real strategy of netlinking (strategy for obtaining quality links). It is very time-consuming but will also make you recognized at the community level in your industry. As you buy links you can actually step into the choices perfectly.

Use social networks

It’s no longer a secret, Google crawls social networks. All social networks, except Google +, put the links shared by users in no-follow. It is therefore essential to be present on the various social networks by sharing content with links. Not being a specialist in social media strategies, we will not go into more detail.

If you know bloggers who have detailed their strategy on social networks for an e-commerce site, do not hesitate to indicate it in the comments.

Get quality do-follow links

Create a blog

This step is essential for any e-commerce site: create a blog. This blog, located on an external address of your site, will allow you to position the links you want on the anchors that you want.

Creating and animating a blog is the best technique to get quality backlinks because you decide everything.

Several blogging techniques are available to you:

Create a single blog and create content regularly. This technique is the most widespread because it also gives credibility to your site by demonstrating your expertise in the field. By cons, all the links that you insert in this blog will come from the same domain name. But the more your links come from different sites, the more Google appreciates.

Create multiple blogs and alternate in content creation 

This technique will allow you to acquire links from several sites / blogs thematic, which is more effective at the SEO level than the previous techniques.

However, this technique can be very time consuming (because you have to write as much content per week as you have blogs) and reduce your chances of demonstrating your expertise to your target (less quality content = less credibility) .

In addition, you will need to purchase multiple accommodations and multiple domain names. Solicit Guest-Blogging is there. We mentioned above, guest-blogging is a good way to glean links of qualities.

We put it in second place techniques to get backlinks because we could verify for myself that it is easier to solicit a guest-blogging (and also cheaper) when you already have even a blog. The deals are there and that is the reason you can find the best deals now. You need to purchase the links perfect now.


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