Your interlocutor will not fail to ask you questions too, because just like you will want to know a little about you. So you need to know that answers that are limited to yes and no are discouraged. Indeed, it immediately ends the conversation instead of opening it to another subject. Also it is very important to give answers that can give openness. You also have to avoid answering the question of the other with another question, because it can be interpreted as if you have something to hide, if you do not feel like answering, be honest and just say that you answer later.

Take advantage of the situation

The situation you are in is always the best place to start a gay chat. Also you must know how to use it to engage the conversation, do not hesitate to ironize an unusual situation or make a comment on the event to attend. If you are in a restaurant, start a discussion about the meal you ordered or the good wine you just had. If you know how to take advantage of the situation, you could easily continue your momentum to have a real conversation with the person.

Know how to be attentive

At first, you might get an idea of ​​the type of person you are going to gay chat to. You must be attentive to his gestures and his expression to know how to approach him. And once the conversation is engaged, know that when we speak with someone especially if it is the first time, do not engage in an interminable monologue. You have to know how to listen to the other so you can know what interests you and engage the conversation in its meaning. If you’re the type of person who wants to talk to a stranger just because they need someone to listen to, it’s better to go see a shrink because you will not be able to maintain a good balance in your relationship.

Open answers

During a conversation with a strange, you may be asked questions about yourself and your work. Avoid answering in monosyllables, which would force your interlocutor to look for another topic. Do not hesitate to give details in your answers, which will be as many perches to seize to continue the conversation, and even enrich it.

Pique curiosity

Speaking of details, arrange for them to pique curiosity. You can talk about your link with the presence of the visitor: a folder? A project? Up to you.

Get the visitor to talk about him

Ask targeted questions, such as how he got to work in his field. By making him talk about his motivations, what he likes, his projects, you value him and you also put him in confidence.

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