The Top Reasons to Invest in Penetration Testing



Today, news about more and more high-profile security breaches are found on the front pages of major publications. This trend has now put more businesses than ever at risk for a breach. Not only are these hacks growing in numbers, but they are also becoming more complex and malicious, with hackers developing new and more ingenious ways to attack networks each day.


Installing a firewall and anti-virus software are good first steps, but those precautions are not enough. Today, businesses require a more advanced approach to their cybersecurity. This is when penetration testing services are invaluable. Learn more about these services and when they are necessary to protect your organization.


Discover Hidden Vulnerabilities


One of the best ways for a business to know their security level is by finding out the different ways it may be hacked. Penetration testing provides the opportunity to safely test the resistance of the system to any outside hacking attempts. The testing will model the actions of a possible hacker by working to exploit the vulnerabilities that are present due to code mistakes, insecure settings, software bugs, errors in the service configuration, or operational weaknesses.


The most significant difference in real hacking and penetration testing is that pen tests are handled in a controlled and safe manner. While testing simulates an actual attack, it finds the vulnerabilities to fix them rather than using the defects to gain control of the network or to steal information. Also, the client can set the scope and the timing of the testing and when it will be performed to discover any current vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure.


Reduce Network Downtime and Save on Remediation Costs 


The process of recovering after a security breach may cost a business thousands of dollars or more. This includes costs related to regulatory fines, new customer protection programs, and a loss of business operability. In fact, a recent study showed that the average cost of a data breach in 2018 was around $3.86 million, which has grown over six percent from the prior year. What this means is that to get back up and running, a business must be able to make significant investments and take advanced security steps. For some businesses, this simply is not possible.


Penetration testing offers a proactive solution to identify the main weaknesses in the systems and keep the business from serious losses related to finances and reputation. To ensure a high level of business continuity, it is necessary to engage in pen testing one or two times per year.


Security Compliance Regulations 


Pen testing plays a huge role when trying to protect a business. However, testing can also help with security regulations and ensure that information is kept secure and safe according to the rules issued by organizations like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI.


Do not wait to engage in penetration testing. Now is the time to safeguard the company and ensure that any vulnerabilities or weaknesses are found and fixed before a nefarious individual gets into the business’s system. Keep this in mind to see why pen testing is so important. 

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