What Are Your Options For the Right Framework

First step of inbound marketing, generate qualified traffic. And we insist on the qualified. Already at this point, WordPress is all right and allows achieving some small optimizations with specific plugins that will help you make the task easier. 

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SEO of your site

Natural referencing is a very broad subject and clearly, there is no question of dealing with the whole here. Most of the work comes primarily from your semantic analysis, your popularity and the technical mastery of your website. But still, here are three WordPress plugins very well done that will allow you to quickly and simply optimize your SEO:

Yoast SEO: Perfect for easily integrating the titles and meta-description of your website. This small extension is part of the classics. It will also help you define the capabilities of your pages and articles to position themselves.

Imagify: We personally use it on 100% of my sites. Imagify will allow you to compress the weight of your images. And it’s not bad when you know that about 60% of the weight of a site is due to the images and that the loading time of the pages has become a major criterion both for SEO and for the user experience. If you want to know more, you can find our complete test of imagify.

WP Rocket: You are neither a developer nor a fan of coding? Neither does us. So, we install WP rocket and we optimize all the technical performance of my sites with this module WordPress caching. With the Genesis Framework Coupon Code 2020 you can have the best options.

For the other tools, here are some recognized references that can help you deploy a complete SEO strategy:

  • SEM Rush for semantic analysis
  • Majestic SEO and Ahref for analyzing your backlinks
  • Monitorank and Myposeo for tracking your keyword positions

Content marketing

WordPress is the CMS par excellence for creating blog articles. It was also created for that at the base before evolving to additional features. The CMS will be perfect to publish your articles as time goes by. But do not forget to categorize them before you start blogging.

For the rest of the content marketing actions, they are not linked to your tools and will have to be worked in parallel. Just be aware that integrating PDFs and video, as well as creating landing pages to set up your conversion tunnels is quite simple. We will return to the subject of landing pages later in this article. If you want to make graphic content, you can find our article that offers more than 150 free graphic resources and if you had to remember just one.

Post your content on social networks

Writing articles is one thing, it will then share them on social networks. Here too, WordPress can help you distribute your content quite easily thanks to the following plugin:

Social Warfare is the Rolls Royce of social sharing plugins. Easy to use, it offers a very complete range of services for only $ 39 a year for a site.


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