Which Travel Adapter Do You Need When Travelling?

If you are planning to travel abroad or planning many international trips, then the first thing you need to buy is a travel adapter, as you will take your electronic devices like Smartphone, laptops especially if you are on a business trip. Imagine you cannot charge your laptop before your presentation internationally; this can be a huge mess. As different countries have different socket types and power socket outlet [ปลั๊ก ต่อ พ่วง, which are the term in Thai], there are a total of 15 types of plugs and wall sockets in the world. You can get a range of adapters that varies in size, style, and weights with all have different benefits. Before you buy one adapter, ask yourself two simple questions to get the right one for you.

  1. Where are you going?
  2. What electronic devices do you need to Charge?

– Single versus Universal Adapters

If you are traveling to a place or a country or region that has one type of power socket, or else you are only traveling to a single country that has the same power socket around the country, then you can go with the single Adapter that supports the specific country’s power socket or plug type. As they are light and travel-friendly as well. But if you are not sure whether that place you are traveling will have only one type of power socket outlet, or you are planning recent trips to different countries, then you should buy a Universal Adapter. Universal Adapters are extremely useful while traveling, and support extra features like USB sockets and fuses.

– Still, you need too few more things while buying Universal Adapters; they will help you charge your devices in 150 countries including North America, UK, Swiss, Europe, and Australia. But if you are traveling to places like Brazil and South Africa, then you will need a separate adapter as these places have very uncommon power sockets.

– Universal Adapters are better when it comes to surge protection and fuses inbuilt, you can keep your devices safe in countries that don’t have a reliable electricity supply as events like power spikes, surges, and sags can easily damage or destroy your electronic devices.

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