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You have been able to set up your provider, get all the licenses, buy equipment, deploy the entire necessary services infrastructure and now you need to sell your services. How to carry out this second phase of the process? The answer is quite simple: through efficient provider marketing. This is because the professionalization of small and medium-sized providers, in addition to being essential for ISPs to compete with large operators, goes through the marketing department. Then there comes the use of the internet marketing for the best results.

The sector should not be seen as a cost center, but as a strategic area for the company. In this post, we’ll show you how to set up a provider marketing team to plan action taking into account the needs and challenges of ISPs.

Marketing in providers in practice

In principle, it is important to define the resources of the company and the objectives to be achieved. Small businesses (and this includes providers) usually have a tight budget and many are seen with only one person working in that area. Therefore, defining a number of employees to act in marketing in providers is unrealistic if the company is not able to maintain the structure.

The strategic planning of the company must be well consolidated so that the marketing is aligned with the objectives of the business. Contrary to what many people think, marketing is not just about advertising but about a variety of other strategic activities that can bring important information to managers’ decision-making.

Below, we list some area activities common to most companies, and how it can be applied to your provider:

Market research and consumer behavior

If you know the market in which you operate and dominate your region of service, you will certainly leave in front of many people. Data on customer potential, competitor data demographic and social characteristics already support a good market study. In addition, it is imperative to know your customers and how each of them behaves, so the tip is to segment. Is your audience divided into residential and corporate customers? Most are single singles or families? How does each segment behave and how much of the internet does each demand? Which one represents the most billing for your company? A simple customer profile survey can answer these questions and help you have insights to create your service packages, for example. To learn more, read How Providers Can Use Digital Marketing to Identify the Ideal Customer.

Marketing intelligence

To conduct the surveys cited above and monitor all these data, it is worth having a professional market intelligence or marketing intelligence. He will be responsible for handling all the important data for your business, conducting research, monitoring competition, and cross-referencing information that will help managers make decisions-that is, they will play a key role in provider marketing .

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